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stuff im working with !!!

2008-07-25 08:27:28 by PaperBagManiac

here is some stuff im working with ...

Day Of Doom , ...the thing on the picture can somebody get me a name... , da boxes ( almost finished ) , marchmallows ( a thing i just starded ) and me and my friend camoflash is doing a collaboration named skatetrix ......................................
................. so if you think it sounds cool or extremly bad (probably not) comment this !

alsoo here is some cool stuff i made /57105_recycled_artwork.php
and /57385_marshmallows.php

stuff im working with !!!


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2008-07-25 10:51:42

Dude, wheres that bitches arm!

PaperBagManiac responds:

he dropes it in another part of the movie you will soon see


2008-07-26 17:13:48

remeber to send me that script! =D

(Updated ) PaperBagManiac responds:



2008-08-03 16:56:59

fuck off, you talentless jerk, you could never hope to be a halfway decent animator
so why dont you go off and make another god aweful flash for me to vote zero on, btw, fat, what are you like 5, get off newgrounds, ass, and btw, that flash was lame, how the hell did that take two days, I could have finished a flash 3 times better in half of that time, and you shouldn't be insulting people on their drawing style, that crap you made looks like some flipper handed mutant made it

PaperBagManiac responds:

okay okay i now we are not friends but just dont be that mad ......... please some of your flashes is kinda good ... i though i was just mad oaky


2008-08-04 13:12:40

okay fine...and im not mad, just a little annoyed, although that paint comment was a real insult, well anyway sorry man

PaperBagManiac responds:

sorry ....


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