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just got flash CS4

2008-10-23 09:04:12 by PaperBagManiac

looks really good and i really dont get how to use the new bone tool but i think i soon will learn and the design is cool mutch cooler then the previous one !!!

please comment dude's ( and girls )

PS. i bought the master collection ! thats really expensive stuff ya now


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2008-10-28 10:40:26

that's nice!
high five!

jag e sugen på å samarbeta med något!
har du någon idé till något spel vi skulle kunna göra?
emil och jag gjorde ett spel förr som vi la ner. man var typ en boll som skulle åka i labyrinter. och så skulle man va 2-spelare, typ den som kom till målet först.
har du någon annan ide kanske???skicka ett pm i så fall.

PaperBagManiac responds:



2008-11-19 14:27:50

Im liking flash cs4, its a good improvement to the last one with 3d capabilities, gonner have to get used to it though. Photoshop cs4 im having problems though, its lagging a lot and i cant find out how to link my graphics card to it if thats whats causing the probklem

PaperBagManiac responds:



2008-11-21 15:52:48

i'm fine with flash 8 thank you.

P.S. the fuggs a bone tool?

PaperBagManiac responds:

fuggs ???? there is a bone tool yea sure


2009-01-25 08:17:35

Where ya from?

PaperBagManiac responds: